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Re: Usefulness of USENET Stevan Harnad 10 Dec 1991 15:44 UTC

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John Radencich, Library Cataloging Dept." <RADENCIC@SERVAX.BITNET>
Florida International University wrote:

> I inquired about the possibility of getting the USENET service through
> our university's computer center and was told to forget it--no if's,
> and's or but's about it . Among other reasons, I'm sure that our
> university's being in a disastrously tight budget year has much to do
> with it . Therefore, USENET would not be useful for me or anyone else
> in my library, to put it mildly. It's BITNET for us!

I don't know the local situation, so this may not help, but if FIU
already gets Usenet anywhere on campus ( Computer Science or whatever)
setting up the library as another user costs nothing. If FIU does not
get Usenet and cannot afford to, there are some much cheaper ways
of getting it by setting up a reciprocal arrangement with another site
that does. Ask (Gene Spafford) about this

Stevan Harnad