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Re: Usenet/Listserv... Stevan Harnad 11 Dec 1991 05:18 UTC

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> Bill Drew -- Serials Librarian <DREWWE@SNYMORVA.BITNET>
> This is a very good discussion.  I would like to know how this
> could possibly happen with such fast turnaround time if this
> discussion were over USENET instead of a listserver?
> Also, are there NEWSNET readers available for VMS machines that
> have not implemented UNIX?

For a moderated group, the time is about the same, whether Usenet or
Listserv. The only bottleneck is the time it takes for the moderator
to approve and post the message. For unmoderated groups it's even
faster, and again, Listserv and Usenet are neck and neck, depending
only on the propogating time of the net as a whole. So speed will
not differentiate the two media. I don't know the answer to the
Netnews/VMS question but will forward this to the Usenet moderators
group and perhaps someone there can answer you.

Stevan Harnad