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Unix/Listserv... Newsreaders BMACLENN@UVMVM.BITNET 11 Dec 1991 15:06 UTC

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From:         Brian Reid <reid@PA.DEC.COM>
Subject:      Unix/Listserv....

There are several good VMS newsreaders available. As you might expect,
they are widely used inside Digital. They all work by making a network
connection (DECNET or IP, as you wish) to an NNTP server, which must be
running UNIX; I am not aware of any newsreading software that can run
in a completely UNIX-free environment.
From:         "a.e.mossberg" <aem@MTHVAX.CS.MIAMI.EDU>
Subject:      Unix/Listserv....

At the VMS sites on the U. Miami campus, they use ANU News
for transport, and VMS News 6.something for newsreading. No
UNIX system is involved at all, with the exception of my
system (I feed them)