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Geopolitical Correctness Marcia Tuttle 19 Dec 1991 20:46 UTC

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From:         Bill Middleton <>
Subject:      Geopolitical Correctness

A colleague just forwarded this to me from the maps-l@uga list.  Since
this topic came up earlier on SERIALST, I thought I'd re-post it.  Apparently
the journal (New Literature Review?) that Thomas Sanders cited a couple
of weeks ago is not alone...  -- Birdie

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ITEM:  Terra Nova: A Quarterly Journal of Free-Market Economic and
Political Thought, just produced its first issue.  The publishers,
pushing the envelope on political correctness, dated Volume 1 Number 1
"Summer (North) Winter (South) 1991".  Serials librarians were seen
perched on window ledges in both hemispheres.

Bill Middleton
Columbia University