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(Copy) Discussion Group at ALA Marcia Tuttle 08 Jan 1992 15:29 UTC

Date:         Wed, 08 Jan 92 09:21:31 EST
From:         Julie Gammon <R1JAG@AKRONVM>
Subject:      Discussion Group at ALA

ALCTS Automated Acquisitions/In-Process Control Systems Discussion Group

Topic:  Interfacing Library Acquisitions Systems With University Accounting
When:   Monday, Jan. 27, 1992
Time:   9:30-11:00 am
Where:  San Antonio Convention Center, Fiesta B
Discussion Leaders:
                    Rosann Bazirjian, Syracuse University Library
                    System:  Notis

                    Will Jarvis, Washington State University Libraries
                    System: WLN and Geac

                    Joe Barker, University of California-Berkeley
                    System:  Innopac

Discussion leaders will describe automated acquisitions systems that
communicate with university accounting systems and explore future needs
for such system links.