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The Mathematica Journal John Saylor 17 Jan 1992 02:06 UTC

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Subject:   The Mathematica Journal and its E-Supplement

Has anyone else developed a scheme to deal with this?  I would be glad to
summarize the responses I get if anyone is interested.

We just received our first issues V1, 1991 of THE MATHEMATICA JOURNAL from
Addison-Wesley.  In addition to the paper subscription we ordered the
"Electronic Supplement" which will come with every issue.  (We ordered the
Macintosh version. It also is available in DOS format, with plans for an E-mail
option for UNIX-based systems in the future.)

My dilemma is how to handle the Electronic Supplement to this journal. As I see
it there is a range of options:

1. Subscribe only to the printed version. Thereby eliminating the problem of
dealing with the supplement.

2. Subscribe to the supplement in one format, catalog it separately and let it
circulate for one day as the journal does.  In this case, the disk is very
likely to get damaged or infected after which we have to decide whether to
replace it or not.

3. Same as option 2, but when each new disk comes in, duplicate it, save the
master and circulate the copy.

4. Copy each disk as it is received to a local server where it could then be
downloaded or used by individuals.

5. Wish that the files were available for anonymous ftp from a central source
for all platforms.

Each option has many issues associated with it, which I hope others will be
glad to elaborate upon.

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