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Committee to Study Serials Standards meetings at Midwinter Ruth Christ 319-335-5895 21 Jan 1992 01:09 UTC

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ALCTS Serials Section Committee to Study Serials Standards

     Saturday, January 25, 1992  11:30-12:30 San Antonio
       Convention Center - Patio A
     Monday, January 27, 1992  11:30-12:30 St. Anthony Hotel
       Dallas Room

                   Agenda for Saturday meeting

  I.  Introductions and announcements

 II.  General business
      --Mailing list
      --Minutes distribution
      --Processing of NISO ballots

III.  Follow-up reports
      --Committee article on implementation of serials standards
        within the serials industry
      --Preconference Summer 1992

 IV.  Discussion topics (audience contributions invited)
      --Are there any areas of serials for which standards are lacking
        or inadequate?  If so, who should address the problems?
      --Topics for summer ALA

                   Agenda for Monday meeting

  I.  Myron B. Chace, NISO Representative (Library of Congress) will
      discuss Z39.71, the NISO standard which combines the previous
      standards for serials holdings statements (Z39.44-1986) and
      non serial holdings (Z39.57-1990).  This standard is
      still in the balloting process.

 II.  Brief discussion of NISO Z39.50, Information Retrieval
      Application Service Definition and Protocol Specifications
      for Open Systems Interconnections which is also in the
      balloting process.

III.  Continuation of any agenda topics not completed Saturday.

Anyone wishing to suggest discussion topics for Summer ALA may
submit them at either meeting or may send them to: Ruth Christ,
Head, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, IA 52242.