Re: Serials Vendors SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 22 Jan 1992 03:06 UTC

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Virginia Commonwealth University has used Faxon as its primary periodicals
vendor for several years.  When we were required to obtain contracts with
all major vendors 3+ years ago, Faxon was the successful recipient of that
contract, as well being one of three non-periodical serials vendors to which
we awarded contracts.  We have been very pleased with the quality of service
that we receive.  We have an excellent working relationship with our customer
service rep, as well as our sales rep.  The latter has changed once, but both
individuals are long-time Faxon employees, and both have long-standing
relationships with this library.  No library-vendor relationship is perfect,
and we have certainly had problems over the years (and will no doubt continue
to have them).  I would be _more_ concerned if no problems were ever brought
to my attention.  When problems do arise, I know that I can count on the folks
at Faxon to work with me to resolve them.

Steve Murden
Va. Commonwealth University