RLG News RLIN Info. Ctr.--JMP 23 Jan 1992 02:24 UTC

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(The following announcements were just issued by the Research
Libraries Group.)

      Will Offer Access to UMI/Data Courier Databases on RLIN
                      with Article Delivery

UMI/Data Courier and the Research Libraries Group (RLG) announce an
agreement to offer fixed-cost access to several of UMI/Data Courier's
most popular databases.  By spring of 1992, searchers on RLIN will be
able to access ABI/INFORM, Newspaper Abstracts, Periodical Abstracts,
and Dissertation Abstracts for a fixed annual fee.

As part of the agreement, RLG and UMI will offer users access to
full-text article delivery of UMI's Article Clearinghouse collection
of 12,500 titles.  Delivery options include first-class mail, express
courier, FAX, and Ariel, RLG's new proprietary document-delivery
system that enables high-resolution image transmission over the
Internet (a communications network connecting many higher-education
and research institutions).

For more information, contact the RLIN Information Center, e-mail
bl.ric@rlg.bitnet or bl.ric@rlg.stanford.edu.

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                         BASED ON RLIN DATA

The Research Libraries Group (RLG) and Retro Link Associates (RLA)
announce a cooperative agreement enabling RLA to use the RLIN database
for retrospective conversion services for libraries.

RLA now offers libraries records from RLIN in addition to its own
6.5-million-record database, the Princeton Theological Database, and
a database of over 14 foreign languages.  RLIN provides an online
catalog of more than 50 million items held by over 100 of the world's
leading research institutions, including books, serials, maps, music
scores, sound recordings, films, photographs, and computer files.
RLIN cataloging in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and
Arabic characters can also be used in recon projects.

RLA customers can also have RLA create original entries, authority
control, smart barcodes, and AACR2 upgrades as part of projects to
turn their older cataloging into machine-readable form.

For more information, contact Christine L. Kirby at RLA,
e-mail rlai@byuvax.bitnet