New Release of Internet Library Catalog Now Available STGEORGE@UNMB.BITNET 31 Jan 1992 02:57 UTC

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This note announces a new release of the Internet-Accessible
Catalogs and Databases.


New (n) and revised (r) in this release are the following entries and

Section 1:
University of Texas, Austin (r)
Arizona State University (n)
Colby College Library (n)
Georgetown University Medical Center (n)
Mississippi State University (r)
Indiana University Libraries (n)
Boise State University (r)
University of Kansas (r)
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo (r)
New York Public Library (n)
Oregon State University (n)
University of Maryland System (r)
San Francisco State University (n)
University of Virginia Library (n)
University of Nevada, Reno (n)

Section 3:
University of Western Australia (r)
Murdock University (n)
InterUniversity Computerized Catalog System--ALEPH (r)
Finnish National Bibliography (n)
University of London Library (n)
University of Queensland (n)
Switzerland (n)

Section 6:
California State University (n)
Clemson University (n)
Northwestern University (n)
Pennsylvania State University (n)
Syracuse University (n)
University of Maryland (n)
University of Michigan (n)
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (n)
University of Texas at Austin (n)
Tri-State Online (n)
North Carolina State University Happenings! (r)
San Diego State University (r)
University of Colorado at Boulder (r)
University of New Mexico (r)
University of Northern Iowa (r)
University of Pennsylvania (r)

Section 7:
All entries (n)

The Catalog is accessible by using FTP and will shortly be
available as a package for Bitnet users. Two versions of
the Catalog may be retrieved using FTP: ascii and Postscript.
A WAIS version will appear shortly on those hosts with WAIS
servers. To retrieve either of the two versions, FTP to, login as anonymous and "cd" to the directory
"library" There you'll find the files "internet library"
(ascii) and "library ps" (Postscript).

Marke Resmer's LIBTEL script also reflects this most recent
release of the Catalog.

As always, I would appreciate hearing from you if your library
catalog or related database is now available to the Internet.

Art St. George

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