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RE: Creating checkin records Marcia Tuttle 01 Feb 1992 18:09 UTC

Date:         Sat, 1 Feb 1992 11:42:00 -0500
From:         "Kathy Schmidt" <IUCO100@INDYVAX>
Subject:      RE: Creating checkin records

Here at the Indiana University Ruth Lilly Medical Library we
converted from one automated checkin system (SC350) to another
(NOTIS).  We converted on the basis of the titles being sent
to the bindery.  This way we did not have very many issues to
check in to the new system.  The bound volumes were entered into
the older holdings.  As each title was converted we put a note
into the SC350 checkin record so the checkin person knew it
needed to be checked into NOTIS also, (yes we did double checkin
for almost two months so users could rely on one system for
all information and not have to check both).  When the majority
were converted we stopped double checkin and checked in first
on NOTIS and whatever was left was checked into SC350.
Kathy Schmidt
Serias Coordinator
Ruth Lilly Medical Library