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Serials Review contents Marcia Tuttle 04 Feb 1992 00:46 UTC

Date:         Mon, 03 Feb 92 16:32:56 CST
From:         October Ivins <NOTORI@LSUVM>
Subject:      Serials Review contents

SERIALS REVIEW v.17 no. 4 1991

Grant Burns, "'A Dream Unfolding': A Guide to Selected Journals, Magazines,
and Newsletters on Peace, Disarmament, and Arms Control." p. 7

Margaret S. Ferguson and Christina A. Peterson, "Creating a Subject Guide to
Periodical Indexes with Innovacq." p. 25

Glenda Ann Thornton, "Physical Access to Periodical Literature: The Dilemma
Revisited and a Brief Look at the Future." p. 33

Karen Nadeski, ed., "Cumulative Indexes," (reviews of indexes to 17 journals)
p. 43

Jim Cole, ed. "The Case in Point," (answers to serials cataloging questions)
p. 49

Yvonne Schofer and Barbara Richards, "Little Magazine Interview Index,"
(an annual index to interviews of artists, etc. 523 individuals are included)
p. 51

October Ivins, ed. "Serials Prices: Column 14," p. 69

Gail McMillan, guest ed., "The Balance Point: Electronic Journals: Considera-
tions for the Present and the Future," p. 77

Douglas A. DeLong, "Serials Review Index," (annual index to reviews of
serials in 150 publications) p. 87