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ARL E-Directory: Updates & Comments Birdie MacLennan 04 Feb 1992 19:35 UTC

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Date:         Mon, 27 Jan 1992 11:07:00 EST
From:         Bill Drew -- Serials Librarian <DREWWE@SNYMORVA.BITNET>
Subject:      Directory of Electronic Journal out of print!!

Our library just recently placed an order for the Directory of
Electronic Journals from ARL.  We just received a letter DATED
NOVEMBER 1991 that the print copy was out of stock.  We placed our
order in early January.

I would like to know why ARL could not inform us via the listservers of
this fact?  The letter we received was dated November 1991.  There
certainly was enough publicity when it was first made available.  Why
not inform us when one format is no longer available?  It costs us at
least $5.00 to cut a check.  THIS IS A FLAME MESSAGE.

 -Bill Drew-

 Wilfred Drew (call me "BILL")
 Serials/Reference/Computers Librarian
 SUNY College of Agriculture & Technology
 P.O. Box 902,  Morrisville, NY 13408-0902
 Bitnet: drewwe@snymorva  SUNYNET(DECnet): smorv::drewwe
 Voice:   315-684-6055       Fax:  315-684-6115
Date:         Mon, 03 Feb 92 10:15:16 EST
From:         Ann Lillian Okerson <OKERSON@UMDC>
Subject:      Response to Bill Drew

In publishing the Directory of Electronic Journals, Newsletters & Academic
Discussion Lists, we did not fully take into account the power of networked
announcements in selling the directory, nor apparently of the interest there
would be in such a directory.  When we sold out in November, we faced the
practical and philosophical question:  do we reprint more paper copies when
a new edition is projected in winter of 1991/2?  Given our resources, we
decided that our energies should be channelled to the new version rather
than to selling the current one.  I believe (though I cannot guarantee it)
that we posted a network announcement saying the paper was sold out but that
a diskette version would continue to be available until the new paper edition
was in print.  We also drafted the November letter which we use as a form
letter for any orders we may receive in the interim.  Most customers choose
to purchase the diskette; some hold the checks for next month's new

Our next print run will be substantially larger, as the reviews that are
starting to appear are generating a new round of orders.  We will keep
the publication in print into the fall of 1992.  We plan that the Directory
should be a serial.  So far it is not very regular (1st edition:  July 1991;
2nd, March 1992) because we are still trying to determine what is the
optimum time between editions, and that means making a judgment about how
much time elapses before there are enough changes and editions to bring
out a new volume.  The net is a moving target; it's early days for determ-
mining just how fast it is moving.

We hope that the printed Directory is a service to our customers and regret
any inconveniences --             Ann Okerson/ARL
Date:       Thu, 30 Jan 1992 09:02 EST
From:       Bill Drew -- Serials Librarian <DREWWE@snymorva.bitnet>
Subject:    Re: ARL Directory of E-Journals

I know my message about the ARL Directory was a little hot but we are
in desperate budgetary constaints at the State University of New York.
In fact, I have qualms about ordering the directory any way.  I believe
that it should be free of charge as a public service to the users of
the INTERNET.  I know that much of the material available in it is
already here on the network but the formats need improvement.

It is a matter of principle to me that ARL should have informed the
same lists that the paper edition was out of print.  They certainly
kept us well informed about the arrival of the publication.  You may
add this to my other comments if you wish.

 -Bill Drew-

Date:       Tues 4 Feb 1992
Subject:    Network Alternatives

Editor's Note:  Network sources that cover material in the ARL Directory
and that are (I presume) maintained, updated, and retrievable on an ongoing
basis include:

     A directory of Bitnet and Internet conferences classified by
     subject & including descriptions.  Broken down into six files.
     To retrieve, send a "get" command to: LISTSERV@KENTVM.

               GET ACADLIST FILE1
               GET ACADLIST FILE2
               GET ACADLIST FILE3
               GET ACADLIST FILE4
               GET ACADLIST FILE5
               GET ACADLIST FILE6

    Contact Diane Kovacs (LIBRK329@KENTVMS) for additional information.


    A comprehensive listing of electronic serials is retrievable
    (in two files) by issuing "get" commands to: LISTSERV@UOTTAWA.
    Watch the spelling on these!


 Contact Michael Strangelove (441495@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA) for more information.