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Is "Blue book" a generic title? Marcia Tuttle 14 Feb 1992 19:24 UTC

Date:         Fri, 14 Feb 1992 14:05:30 EST
From:         Judith Shelton <LIBJMS@GSUVM1>
Subject:      Is "Blue book" a generic title?

 I'm going to try to post this to both Serialst and Autocat--apologies if you
 subscribe to both.

 I have noticed over the years that many reference publications are known as
 "blue book" (or red, or green, etc.) to the members of their audience.  A
 scan of the title index on OCLC (bless Prism) shows that there are quite a
 few directories and such for various industries called "blue book."

 Is this industrial slang?  Can it be regarded as an indication of type of
 publication?  Can I apply LCRI 25.5 (4) (a), and use the corporate body as
 the qualifier in the uniform title?

 I need to know because, unless someone beats me to it, I will soon be entering
 a record for The Blue book : a directory of suppliers and services for dupli-
 cators and  replicators of audiotape, videotape, CDs, CD-I, CD-ROM and optical
 discs, compiled by Tape/Disc Business (a monthly newspublication), published
 by Knowledge Industry Publications, inc.

 I would be very interested in your thoughts.  Thanks in advance.

 Judith M. Shelton, Serials Cataloger
 Georgia State University