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Re: Labeling Systems Carol A Nicholson 26 Feb 1992 20:09 UTC

In response to Joyce Tenney:

We are currently using Gaylord's SE-LIN labelling software
which uses label displays downloaded from OCLC.  The disadvantage
is that it seriously increases our OCLC search charges, but the
advantages have been worth it.  We have used the se-lin software
for a retrospective conversion/reclassification project since 1986.
The software is loaded into the same M300s that we currently use to
access OCLC, although it can be loaded into an IBM compatible.
We use two printers for the labels:  an Okidata for pocket labels,
and an IBM Quietwriter typewriter/printer for the spine labels.
With the SE-LIN software we can change printer fonts on the Quiet-
writer and the label displays can be set to print multiple labels
from one label display.  The software will automatically add volume
and/or copy numbers to the labels as they print.  This is great for
labelling large serial sets!

As I said, the disadvantage is the increased OCLC search charges for
downloading label displays for current serials added volumes, sos
we are beginning to investigate alternatives.  Please let me know
what you find out.

Carol Nicholson
UNC-CH Law Library