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WilsonDisc Problem Response James Glenn 27 Feb 1992 02:27 UTC

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Recent retrieval problems with Wilson products were initially going to be
addressed with an advance shipment of the new software release, now in Beta.
However, with more discs (other than the Art Index) exhibiting similar
symptoms, Wilson reps held a meeting to determine the best course. They
have communicated their decision to me and have asked that I pass it
on to any concerned.

Please continue the pass to those not reachable by this List.


"From:   John R. Tavaska
         Manager, Technical Support
         H. W. Wilson Co.

  As a result of data problems reported with certain records on the 12/26/91
WILSONDISC (Art Index, Biography Index, Book Review Digest, Cumulative Book
Index, Education Index, Essay and General Literature, Humanities Index,
Library Literature, MLA International Bibliography, and Religion Indexes),
the H. W. Wilson Company will send a new disc, dated 2/27/92, to each
subscriber to those indexes listed. The distribution of this disc will not
affect the regular quarterly distribution of the March 1992 disc. "


John told me that the problem is created by SOME records being compressed, and
the old software not being able to read the compressed data. This will be cured
by the new software to be released soon, and more records (perhaps all) will
be compressed. The quick-cure CD should be out next week.

James Glenn, Assistant Head Librarian
Architecture & Fine Arts Library, University of Florida