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Health Sciences Libraries' Serials Cancellations Wendall Sullivan 28 Feb 1992 01:54 UTC

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I would appreciate it if the people who receive SERIALST could help me with
a personal research project.

I am trying to look at what journals have been cancelled in the past two
years by health sciences libraries, why they have been cancelled, which
publishers have had the most journals cancelled, and if any medical or
health-sciences related disciplines have shown more cancellations than any
other discipline.  I would appreciate it if medical and health sciences
librarians could send me lists of the serials cancelled in 1990-91 and
projected and actual cancellations for 1991-1992.

I would also like to know if the cancellations were driven purely by price
increases; did you do use surveys to determine which journals could be
cancelled (and if so, how), and what role your faculty and primary
clientele played in determining what titles could be cancelled.

I understand that for many libraries, the list of cancellations would be
too long to send over e-mail; therefore, I would appreciate it if longer
lists could be sent via US Mail to the address at the end of this message.
Please respond directly to me, and not to the list; I'd hate to take up
bandwidth on this unnecessarily.

Please, don't hesitate to pass this message on to interested individuals
who may not subscribe to this list.  I would like to get at least 10-20
responses, if possible.  This message is being cross-posted to both MEDLIB-L
and SERIALST, so if you are on both lists, you may receive it more than

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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