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MATHEMATICA JOURNAL Terry Schiissler, Subscription Supervisor 28 Feb 1992 21:18 UTC

Please reply directly to the author of this message, not SERIALST. --Birdie

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I recently received on SERIALST information regarding publishers address
and telephone number for The Mathematica Journal.  Our agent has unsuccessfully
been claiming this title on our behalf.  To date they have had no luck. Would
anyone be able to supply the information to me - I have some mathematics
professors who are breathing hot and heavy down my back wondering why
we are not receiving our subscription.  The original message indicated the
publisher as Addison-Wesley.  I do recall that this has now changed.  Your
reply can be sent directly to my attention.  Thank you in advance.

Terry Schiissler, Subscription Supervisor
Library Serials Department
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan - Canada