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formal vs informal serials instruction laurie mackellar 24 Apr 1992 20:15 UTC

I am a graduate student in the College of Library and Information Science at
the University of Kentucky, and am currently enrolled in Tech Processes, taught
by Miko Pattie, Head of Technical Services at UK.  It has been suggested to me
that I might put out a question concerning serials education on SERIALST.  I
hope very much that some of the participants will offer some opinions.
I do not ask that you answer all of the questions, only those which you find
relevant and on which you have an opinion.  This is not a formal survey,

I would like to know if any of you attended a library science program which
offered a course specifically dealing with serials.  Did you take the course?
If not, why not?  If so, would you recommend the course?  What changes would
you recommend?  What aspects of serials librarianship were not covered in the
course that you would like to see added?  To what extent did the course help
you in the performance of your work?

If you did not attend a program which offered a serials course, were serials
covered in any of the classes which you did take?  In what courses?  To what
extent?  How relevent were those modules with regards to your work?  Would you
recommend the addition of a serials course to the library science program?

CONTINUING SERIALS EDUCATION- for those of you who had a serials course, what
types of serials workshops have you attended?  How would you compare their
relevancy and effectiveness to a formal serials course?  To what extent do you
feel that continuing education could replace formal serials courses?  What
aspects of serials work do you feel are not adequately covered in workshops?

Again, I would appreciate your comments and opinions.  If there is anything
else that you could add concerning this subject, I would greatly appreciate

Thank you very much.

Laurie Mackellar
University of Kentucky (Everyone watch the Derby, ok?)