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SERIALST Subscribers:  Memorial Library at Mankato State University in
Minnesota is in the process of developing a policy for the collection and
retention of international (non-U.S.) newspapers.  Your response to this
survey will assist us in this process.  Any information you can provide
about non-U.S. newspapers in your library will be greatly appreciated.

Please respond by May 20th.  If you respond electronically, please send
your responses directly to TAPETERS@MSUS1 (Bitnet) or
TAPETERS@MSUS1.MSUS.EDU (Internet).  If you would like a report summarizing
the survey results, please notify us when you reply.  Thank you for your
assistance.      Kathy Piehl and Becky Schwartzkopf


Non-U.S. Newspapers Questionnaire

Name of Person completing survey:

Position Title:

Phone Number:


Total Enrollment (FTE):

Foreign Student Enrollment (FTE):

How many current subscriptions for non-U.S. newspapers are in your library

What countries are represented?

How many of the titles are purchased?

How many of the titles are donated?

How many of the titles are free from publishers?

What is the total amount spent on non-U.S. newspaper

How is the decision made to include a particular title?  Curricular
support?  Information needs of foreign students?  Current awareness?
Other factors?

Do you think your international students are being adequately
served?  Please explain.

How do you decide if the newspaper will be in the original language or
in an English edition?

Is an attempt made to provide balanced political viewpoints?

How long are the newspapers retained?

Which titles are replaced by microform?

How do you decide which ones will be purchased in microformat?

Which newspapers (if any) are catalogued?

What kind of access do patrons have to the newspapers?  Open
stacks?  Browsing area?

Are non-U.S. newspapers shelved with U.S. newspapers or

Do you have a written newspaper policy?
Please send us a copy, if possible.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Kathy Piehl and Becky Schwartzkopf
Memorial Library
MSU Box 19
P.O. Box 8400
Mankato State University
Mankato, MN 56002-8400