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barcodes and use studies ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 27 Apr 1992 22:14 UTC

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1992 14:20:00 EDT
Subject: Barcodes and user studies

         Barcodes on journals are excellent for use studies PROVIDED THEY
         CIRCULATE.  We are on the NOTIS system and our
         barcodes can read the number of charges that have been made on
         a book or bound journal.  As well, they can also read the
         number of browses i.e number of times the book has been looked
         at without being charged out.  We would like to acquire
         portable barcode readers but have to explore the cost etc. We
         have consistently used this online information for assessing
         our journal collection.  We are told that with some local
         programming, it may be possible to know the department or area
         of study of the patron who is using the material.
         Unfortunately, since our single issues are not barcoded,
         we have to resort to other methods of use studies.

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         Serials Librarian      Fax:(613) 545 6819
         Douglas Library
         Queen's University
         Kingston.Ontario K7L 5C4 Canada
         That this is only one of our methods for assessing
         journal titles.