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NOTIS and Bindery records Kathi L. Jakubowski 29 Apr 1992 14:26 UTC

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I'd like to expand on my original question: Do any libraries use
NOTIS for maintaining binding information?  If so, how?
Specifically, do any NOTIS libraries use NOTIS records for
maintaining information that would normally be found on a bindery
card/record - i.e.: title page and index availability; recording
notes such as special binding considerations; indexes, supplements,
maps on file; waiting for index or directory; circulation policies,
etc.  Does any NOTIS library maintain NOTIS as its holdings
authority, using either item records or volume holdings records to
record what used to be maintained on manual bindery records?

I realize that NOTIS does not have a binding module, but our Bindery
worker is eager to get away from using bindery cards to record what
we own and how we have bound it.  She would like to do as much as
possible on NOTIS, and use our permanent binding slips to maintain
information pertaining to color, pattern, etc.  Our concern is that
while this is an ambitious idea, it is ultimately too time-consuming
and not worth the effort.

Any information or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Kathi L. Jakubowski
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