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Listserv Quirks Birdie MacLennan 29 Apr 1992 18:35 UTC

This is just to remind folks who forward SERIALST mail to their colleagues...
If the people you forward the message to "reply to" the message, they are,
in effect, applying to SERIALST and NOT to the individual who forwarded
them the message.  Even though the SERIALST forwarded message comes "from"
an individual, the "reply to" field in the header of the message points
back to SERIALST or to SEREDIT.  Hence, we've been getting quite a number
of your personal messages.  We do not forward these, but delete them.
So if you forward lots of SERIALST messages, you might remind folks to
send any replies directly to you and not hit their automatic "reply"
key to reply to us!!

Also, I've been getting swamped by an inordinate amount of error messages
lately (usually 1-6 for every message that gets distributed on SERIALST).
I do not have the time or inclination to investigate most of the error
messages that SERIALST generates -- nor do I have unlimited disk space
to catch all of them when the list is particularly active.  Usually, if
I get error messages from an address for more than a day or two, I delete
the address from the subscriber listing (nothing personal -- it's an act
of self-defense).  Please, if you go on vacation and have limited disk
space, use the NOMAIL option to turn off your mail!  If you suddenly
stop receiving mail from SERIALST, use the "review" or "query" commands
(i.e., send a one line message to: listserv@uvmvm that says "query serialst"
or "review serialst") to find out if your name is present on the subscriber

Thanks for your cooperation.

Birdie MacLennan
SERIALST Listowner & Moderator
University of Vermont