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Carpal tunnel syndrome & Serials check-in ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 02 Apr 1992 18:11 UTC

Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 14:51:34 EST
Subject: Response to K.Schmidt Bitnet note re:Notis check-in and Carpel tu

 From: cwilson

 I am the Serials check-in person at the West Chester University library.
 We subscribe to about 3000 titles.  I am responsible for all the serials
 check-in, claiming, editing records, checking in microfilm , and monthly
 adding bound volumes to vhld.  I believe we have been checking in on line
 for about 5 years.  About 6 months ago I started complaining about how bad
 my right arm hurt.  I'd go home and forget it.  At the beginning of March 1992
 we were talking about it and I told my boss that I was beginning to take the
 pain home at night time and that I was waking up in the night in pain.  She
 told me to fill out an accident report.  I have been sent for an independent
 medical examination by our workman's comp people and the dr. has confirmed
 that I have nerve damage from my elbow to my wrist/palm with a secondary injury
 from my elbow to my shoulder/back.  I have recently begun popping the vertebrae
 in my neck from the stress and strain on my muscles from this injury.  The dr.
 said the next step would be that I would get headaches on one side of the head
 up the back of the neck and down the forehead.  He told me I'd need to go to
 the hospital for a needle test to determine the extend of the nerve damage in
 my fore arm and wouldn't know treatment until that was done.  My own dr.
 (Orthopedic surgeon) has been treating one of my symptoms and has been
 sending me for neck traction and hot pack wraps to reduce muscle spasms.
 The workmans comp. dr. has recommended wrist rests for my terminal and
 that I do not sit at the terminal for extended long hours.  (I used to
 sit at the terminal for 6 1/2 to 7 hours daily)  I now take a one hour
 break in the am. and one in the pm (I do other serials work non computer
 related).  My boss has also restructured the workplace in an attempt to
 redistribute the work load.  I don't know if these things will solve my
 problem but they probably will help.  I hope this information is of some
 value to you.  I thought I was the only person experiencing this problem
 with NOTIS and it certainly was reassuring hearing from you.

 (P.S. My dr.has me on medication to help reduce the inflamation in my arm -
 I told him it doesn't seem to be doing much and he said its an anti-
 inflammatory and not a pain killer.)