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Re: Volumes for Physics Abstracts? ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 04 Apr 1992 00:27 UTC

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1992 10:18:54 CST
From: Gaele Gillespie <GGILLESP@UKANVM.BITNET>
Subject: RE: Volumes for Physics Abstracts?

In response to Steve Hardin's inquiry about _Physics Abstracts_:

I assume you mean the American Insitute of Physics title.  A scan of our
records reflects no note (yet) of their plan to drop enumeration from the
individual issues.  Our issue records reflect that we rec'd. no. 6 (the
March 15th issue) on 4/2/92 and are expecting no. 7 (the April 1st issue).
Since you have some advance information, you could put a note in a very
visible spot on your records but not change the actual enumeration set-up
until you receive an issue that actually reflects such a change.  In our
system, such notes would go in a general check-in instructional note
area *and* in a note field on the next expected issue record. Even if we had
a letter from the publisher delineating *exactly* the proposed enumeration
changes and the date (and issue) with which this would happen, we wouldn't
make any changes to our records (we'd just add notes) until such time that
an issue is received that reflects the enumeration change.

Thanks for the info.; I'll put notes on our records with recquisite words,
such as "apparently" and "perhaps", sprinkled throughout.

E. Gaele Gillespie / Asst. Head, Serials     University of Kansas Libraries