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Staffing for serials check-in Carol P. Hawks 07 Apr 1992 01:37 UTC

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Just to provide a flavor of life in a very large institution,
The Ohio State University Libraries subscribes to 23,000
subscriptions resulting in the check-in of 300,000 to 400,000
pieces per year (includes microfilm and fiche).  Four full-time
serials check-in staff receive these issues on INNOVACQ, claim
some missed issues (though this is not a primary objective), and
print routing labels for the pieces.  The focus of these 4 people
is to check in vast quantities of material.  They do not engage
in significant problem-solving -- problems are referred to
Some government documents are handled through the process described
above but the majority are handled in the government documents area.
Carol Pitts Hawks
The Ohio State University Libraries