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Re: EJOURNALS AVAILABLE VIA USENET Stevan Harnad 08 Apr 1992 02:22 UTC

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> Date: Tue, 07 Apr 1992 19:04:33 EDT
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> To: HARNAD@Princeton.EDU
>        We just got Usenet and are feeling our way. Do you have a
> listing to post (on PACS-L?) or know of a listing that you can forward
> me to, of the ejournals available and under what names they are listed?
>        Thank you.
>        Bill Quimby
>        Manager of Library Automation
>        Kenyon College
>        Quimby@Vax001.Kenyon.Edu

I don't have a list either of all the electronic journals that
currently exist, nor of the subset that is currently available on
Usenet. I would point out, however, that all the electronic journals
with a readership of 200 or more are POTENTIALLY on Usenet, because all
that is needed is an affirmative vote of about that many in order
to establish a new Usenet group. This is how PSYCOLOQUY created its
Usenet edition. The Listserv edition currently has about 2500
subscribers and redistribution lists, while the Usenet edition is
estimated (by arbitron statistics) to have 15,000 or more readers.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable about Usenet could reply either
about how many refereed journals (and moderated scholarly discussion
groups) there are on Usenet (and which they are). There are also at
least three sets of lists available, one listing most or all of the
Usenet groups (their availability varies from site to site), one
listing all of the Listserv lists, and one listing most of the
independent Email lists (see below). Finally, Michael Strangelove
441495@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA maintains a directory of electronic

Stevan Harnad
Co-Editor, PSYCOLOQUY/sci.psychology.digest

                     Some Lists of Lists

          Compiled by Marty Hoag (
                       Updated 08/22/91

    There are several different lists of lists available:

    The "Interest Groups List of Lists" available from
       (also known as Interest-Groups or SIGLIST or Interest lists)

    The LISTSERV global list database (on BITNET/EARN/et al)

    The Usenet News news.lists "Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists"

    A combined edited list available from Dartmouth College.

    There are also a couple mailing lists which can help you get
started on the network or to help you find lists of interest:
    NETSCOUT    NETSCOUT@VMTECMEX The BITnet/Internet scouts.
        Send e-mail to LISTSERV@VMTECMEX.BITNET with the text
               SUB NETSCOUT yourfirstname yourlastname
        Send e-mail to LISTSERV@TEMPLEVM.BITNET with the text
               SUB HELP-NET yourfirstname yourlastname

   Other sources like NEW-LIST@VM1.NoDak.EDU (NEW-LIST@NDSUVM1.Bitnet)
and NETMONTH (from BITLIB@YALEVM) publish announcements of new lists.
To subscribe to NEW-LIST send mail to (or
LISTSERV@NDSUVM1.BITNET) with the body of the mail containing the command:
SUB NEW-LIST yourfirstname yourlastname
To subscribe to NETMONTH send mail to LISTSERV@MARIST.BITNET
with the body of the mail containing the command:
SUB NETMONTH yourfirstname yourlastname

SRI NIC Maintained Interest-Groups  List of Lists

   If you have access to the Internet via TCP/IP the Interest Groups
List of lists is available via anonymous FTP from
(  FTP as user anonymous and CD to "netinfo" then GET
interest-groups . The file is available as one large file at this time
(over 500,000 characters).

   The SRI NIC list-of-lists is now available via electronic mail.
Send a message to with the following line in
the message body:

Send netinfo/interest-groups

...and you should be returned the file in moderate sized pieces.
Further information on the server itself is available with the command

Send help

BITNET LISTSERV Servers Global List of Public LISTSERV Lists

   On BITNET the LISTSERV servers keep a composite list of their lists
online.  To get a simple "one line per list" list of all lists (about
1600 lines at the moment) you can send LISTSERV@VM1.NoDak.EDU mail
with the command


in the TEXT or BODY of the mail.  NOTE: LISTSERV wants the commands in
the text of the mail and you can supply more than one - one per line.
The Subject: field is NOT used for commands (you can put anything there).

   The global list can also be searched online.  For details send
LISTSERV the command INFO DATABASE . The global lists is called the
"LISTS" database and is available at some of the major backbone

Network Accessible Database Server

   We have also added the Internet Interest-Groups list in a format
that can be searched (called the INTGROUP database).  This is only
available on the LISTSERV at NDSUVM1 (or VM1.NoDak.EDU).

   For example, to search of both these databases for lists on "bicycles"
you would send the statements

//DBlook   JOB   Echo=No
Database Search DD=Rules
//Rules DD *
Select bicycle in lists
Select bicycle in intgroup
Select bicycle in new-list

in the text/body of the mail to LISTSERV@VM1.NoDak.EDU or on BITNET
just LISTSERV@NDSUVM1 . These statements would search the global
LISTSERV list of lists ("in lists"), and the local copy of the SRI-NIC
Interest Groups ("in intgroup"), and the archives of the "new-list"
list ("in new-list").  Send LISTSERV the command INFO DATABASE for
more information.

Usenet NEWS Lists of Groups and Mailing Lists

   The Usenet News list of groups and mailing lists is available on
hosts which run Usenet News or NETNEWS servers and/or clients in
newsgroups news.announce.newusers and news.lists.

   The following files are also available via anonymous FTP from
VM1.NoDak.EDU in the "BITINFO" directory.  Once connected enter
CD BITINFO .  These may not be the most current versions of these files
but may be more accessible to folks on NSFNET.

   Name on    Source
   INTEREST.GROUPS          Recent Interest-Groups from
   NETNEWS.MAILLIST         Usenet News Mailing Lists from news.lists
   NETNEWS.GRPLIST          Usenet Groups from news.lists
   NETNEWS.ALTERNAT         Usenet Alternate Groups from news.lists

Dartmouth Merged List

   Dartmouth maintains a merged list of the LISTSERV lists on Bitnet
and the Interest Group lists on the Internet.  It is a single file
with one line for each mailing list.  They provide a Macintosh Hypercard
application that presents the list in a nice format.  Other
applications could easily be developed to provide a user interface to
these data that is appropriate for a site's local situation.

   The files can be obtained by anonymous FTP from
can also be obtained (except the large data stack) via Bitnet from
LISTSERV@DARTCMS1 using the command SEND fn ft.  To obtain a list of
the files via LISTSERV send mail to LISTSERV@DARTCMS1
in the body of the mail.  For more information contact David Avery,