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re:EJOURNALS AVAILABLE VIA USENET Stevan Harnad 08 Apr 1992 17:49 UTC

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Below, Timo Harmo points out the important alternative that I omitted:
That an already established Listserv group can establish a Usenet feed
without having to go through the formality of a vote. -- SH

> Date:         Wed, 8 Apr 1992 10:54:00 EET
> Comments: To:
> >  with a readership of 200 or more are POTENTIALLY on Usenet,
> > because all that is needed is an affirmative vote of about that
> > many in order to establish a new Usenet group. This is how
> > PSYCOLOQUY created its
> There is also a easier way. If you want to establish a link to Usenet,
> you can:
> 1. Get the agreement of the people in the list (it is enough if there
>  are no serious objections, you don't have to vote)
> 2. state your wish in bit.admin (again, hoping that there will be no serious
> objections)
> 3. get the agreement of the postmaster of your listserv-site and of the
> news-gateway you'll be using, and get these two to co-operate to
> establish the link (most bitnet-list are gatewayed thru ... was it
> American University, I think)
> You will find more detailed instructions in bit.admin, they make a regular
> posting of it.
> I don't think any worth-while list will be refused a link.
>  -Timo Harmo,