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Bindery Complaints (Jane L. Thompson) Marcia Tuttle 17 Apr 1992 17:49 UTC

Date:         Fri, 17 Apr 1992 11:12:09 EDT
From:         "Jane L. Thompson" <jlt@NLM.NIH.GOV>
Subject:      Bindery message problem

People always complain about the  bindery. I don't think you can do
better than a two-week turnaround -- our users would be ecstatic with
that short a bindery period. If you process the bindery with a 24-hour
period, post shipment lists with dates sent & date of expected return,
the only other things I could suggest are: 1. Take reservations for
volumes at the bindery, pull &process ahead of the rest of the shipment
& notify by phone & hold at Circ for requester. 2. Coordinate binding
with other libs in the areawho hold the same titles. People will
always complain about the photocopiers and the bindery, so take their
comments with a grain of salt.