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Video Journal (Patricia Scarry) Marcia Tuttle 17 Apr 1992 18:00 UTC

Please respond to Patricia Scarry, not to SERIALST. Thanks.
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 92 18:49:32 CDT
From: patricia scarry <>
Subject: Video Journal from the University of Chicago Press

As you may know, we publish the Astrophysical Journal for the
American Astronomical Society.  In June, a videotape will
accompany one of the issues.  The video contains images that
illuminate points in several of the papers in the issue.  We have
a feeling this is going to cause some problems for libraries and
would like to minimize them as best we can.  The problems we
envision include title/labeling, shelving/access, cataloging,
notification, etc.

The videos will be connected to a print issue of the journal,
i.e., you supposedly can't use one without the other.

We have talked to one librarian and I'd like get a bit more
input.   We have been advised against calling it a "series" since
it may not be.  This may be the only one, or there may be more in
the future.  If it is a separate "series," however, might that
not be easier to catalog?

We have been advised not to call it a "supplement" since the
Astrophysical Journal already has a "supplement series."  Is this
true, from the library's standpoint?

We had thought we would use the exact same volume and issue
number on both, and refer to existence of the companion piece on
both.  This notice would appear on the cover of each, and also be
included with the specific article.

It has to be shipped separately.  We want to mail a
postcard/letter to libraries before it gets there as well as
include some kind of message on the wrapping of each. Will that
be worth our while, or will it not be ready by those who should
see it?

You will be happy to know that the price is not going to increase
because of this addition.

Patricia Scarry
University of Chicago Press