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Re: SEREDIT vs. SERIALST Birdie MacLennan 22 Apr 1992 01:21 UTC

Last week, Christine Christiansen of the University of Miami posed
the query, "What is the difference between SERIALST and SEREDIT?"
Since SEREDIT often appears in the headers of messages sent out on
SERIALST, and I have received a number of requests from several
people who have tried to subscribe to SEREDIT, I thought I would
post the explanation that I sent to her to the general list for
anyone else who may be interested.

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On Fri, 17 Apr 1992 13:12 EDT you said:
>What is the difference between the two lists??

SEREDIT is tied to SERIALST as the editor-component.  SERIALST is set up
in a way that allows incoming messages to be reviewed by both (or all)
editors simultaneously -- a variation from some listserv set-ups, where
only one editor at a time reviews incoming messages.  It works this way:
Incoming SERIALST mail comes first to a private listserver which is
called SEREDIT.  SEREDIT then distributes messages to the editors
(i.e., the only members of this list), who review it.  Then, one of
the editors edits and/or sends mail to the general list.  All SERIALST mail
(except messages from the editors) goes through SEREDIT first for review.
SEREDIT is not accessible to the general SERIALST subscribership or to
the public.  Its primary function is as a tool for editorial maintenance.

That's a quick explanation... Anyone wishing for a more technical
details are advised to consult their local systems gurus and/or
the listserv maintainers list (lstsrv-m), from which this set-up
was derived.

Birdie MacLennan
SERIALST Listowner & Moderator
University of Vermont