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More on Newsweek Multiple Editions James Mouw 23 Apr 1992 14:58 UTC

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When I got home last night my April 27th Newsweek had arrived.  It does
indeed contain information about the plans.  It appears that these _enhanced_
editions will be published once a month and for $5.00 (a year, I think) users
can choose to have their copy enhanced with ONE OF EIGHT special sections.
That means, I think (I am quoting from memory), that Newsweek will be
published in EIGHT editions, the basic one we all get, plus eight options.
As far as I know, there is no option for a customer to choose more than one
insert (thank goodness for small blessings).  These enhancements do sound as
if they will contain real information, not just fluff.  For example, one of
them will offer expanded coverage of world events.  If this is true, I would
guess that the indexing services will want to include this in their coverage.

Now my brain really hurts.

Jim Mouw

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