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Deposit Accounts (Government) Marcia Tuttle 09 Jul 1992 00:56 UTC

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Date:         Wed, 8 Jul 1992 16:20:56 CST
Subject:      Deposit Accounts (Government)

We currently use NOTIS version 4.6 as our integrated online system and are
in the process of updating to version 5.  We are interested in learning how
other institutions handle their government publications deposit accounts
within the acquisitions module of NOTIS.

For the past year while we have become acclimatized to this module we have
kept track of these deposit accounts (eg. USGPO,NTIS & Bernan) manually.
We would like the NOTIS system to track this for us rather than a manual
process.  We believe we have a system worked out to track commitments and
expenditures for each item ordered and also keep track of how much money
we have left in each deposit account.

We would like however, to get a sense of how other institutions handle their
government deposit accounts within the framework of NOTIS before we try
our own system.  If you have any ideas you can share with me I would
be most grateful.  Thanks in advance.

Terry Schiissler
Subscription Supervisor
Library Acquisitions Department
University of Regina
Regina Saskatchewan
Canada     S4S 0A2
FAX - (306) 585-4878    TELEPHONE - (306) 585-4409