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Order of notes: CONSER reply Regina R. Reynolds 16 Jul 1992 00:05 UTC

According to Jean Hirons, who edits the CONSER Editing Guide and supervises
LC's serial reproduction microform cataloging, CONSER practice has always
been to input field 533 as the last 5XX note field.  This practice is
documented in the chart in the current version of CEG Appendix M.
Unfortunately, this instruction was omitted from the upcoming revised version
of Appendix M to be issued this fall in Update 10.

The new microform documentation in Update 10 also includes field 539 which is
input directly following field 533.  Input of fields 533 and 539 should also
be specified in the CEG Section, "Notes--General Information," where the
general instruction for order of notes is given, and in fields 533 and 539.
These clarified instructions will be issued as part of Update 11 (Spring 93).

Regina Reynolds
Head, NSDP Section
Library of Congress