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post office envelope Genevieve Clay 29 Jul 1992 17:00 UTC

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Date:         Wed, 29 Jul 1992 11:54:00 EDT
From:         Genevieve <LIBCLAY@EKU>
Subject:      post office envelope

This may be old news...or maybe not...

In 1991, the US Post Office put out a piece of postal stationery which is
a business-size envelope commenorating 250 years of American magazines

The envelope, costing maybe 35 cents (I've forgotten specific amount),
is *pre-stamped* with 29-cent postage and is very colorful and pretty.
There may still be some available at local post offices (especially the
larger ones).  I enjoy using mine and then getting comments like, "Where'd
you get that pretty envelope?"

Genevieve Clay
Eastern Ky. Univ.