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Periodicals/Serials Anne E. McKee 13 Aug 1992 16:03 UTC

 This question has always been a special interest of mine and I enjoy hearing
 of "serials set-ups" at other institutions. I am in charge of the serials unit
 here at ASU West and we handle ALL serials/periodicals etc. We make no
 distinctions--if it is a serial, it's handled by my unit. There can be pros
 and cons for both set-ups but I prefer that one centralized area handles all
 types of serials. I believe the staff becomes very familiar with the serials
 and it helps the sales reps/vendors to only have 1 contact person.

   My 2 1/4 fte serials unit handles all searching, ordering, receiving,
 processing and binding of 3,000 titles. Now to muddy the waters even
 further-we also handle all monographic series on standing orders. Are there
 other serials units who also handle mono. series?

 Anne E. McKee   Bibliographic Services Librarian  ASU-West
 (602) 543-8541