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Re: Entomological Memoirs Gaele Gillespie (11 Sep 1992 20:15 UTC)

Re: Entomological Memoirs Gaele Gillespie 11 Sep 1992 20:15 UTC

In answer to JKB2@MSSTATE's inquiry about _Memoirs of the American
Entomological Institute_:

Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute:

We have a complete run of the _Memoirs_ under the name of the Institute,
with no information that they have ever absorbed the Society's Memoirs.
Our run is comprised of No. 1 - No. 52, with no. 52 rec'd. 9/8/92.
Our subscription is through the Continuations Dept. of Majors Scientific
Subscriptions, Inc.  As of 2/11/91, we have the publisher & address as:
   Associated Publishers
   3005 S.W. 56th Ave.    (Sorry, no phone #, as we've never had to deal
   Gainsville, FL  32608     with them directly!)
I've just called our customer services rep. in the Continuations Dept. at
Majors, and tho they don't have any info. in their database about a possible
merger, she is going to call the publisher and see if there's any truth to
a merger with the Society's _Memoirs_.

American Entomological Society. Memoirs.:

Our last receipt is also no. 38 (1991) which we rec'd. 6/24/91.  Faxon handles
this subs. for us; we've rec'd. no information that these are to be merged
with the Institute's _Memoirs_, and Faxon's database has no information to this
effect. I've called our customer services rep who is going to get in touch with
the publisher & find out status of no. 39, as well as check with Faxon's
Publisher Services Dept. on any title merger information. We (and Faxon) still
have the publisher listed as the Society in Philadelphia.

I will be happy to pass any info. I receive from either source on to the list.

E. Gaele Gillespie / Asst. Head, Serials       University of Kansas Libraries
(913)864-3535     e-mail: GGILLESP@UKANVM.BITNET     Lawrence, KS  66045-2800