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Re: dividing the serials budget chris (11 Sep 1992 20:17 UTC)

Re: dividing the serials budget chris 11 Sep 1992 20:17 UTC

Yes, the Brown University Libraries spent almost 14 months constucting lists
[with dollars attached] for those titles considered essential for each of the
Academic departments programs and centers.  For each academic unit, the
Library's Collection Development Office created/verified with faculty a list
of CORE titles--titles essential for undergraduate/graduate instruction and
used with regularity; a NON-CORE list of titles used for research purposes,
and used infrequently or seldom. No title appears on more than one list. And,
titles were assigned to lists, irrespective of LC class. When the library is
asked "support" questions, providing the answer is less painful than it used
to be. [Additionally, and of course you've suspicioned, that this project was
predicated by the need to cancel serials. That was done, rather successfully, a
and rather painlessly].  I was the head of Collection Development at Brown
during this project....if you need or want additional information you may
contact me at the e-mail address posted.

<ed. note:  return address is:  Chris <HBLADM93@UCONNVM.BITNET>