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EBSCO Invoice Diskettes Birdie MacLennan 11 Sep 1992 20:45 UTC

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Date:         Fri, 11 Sep 1992 09:22:40 -0500
Subject:      Re: EBSCO invoice diskettes

The University of North Texas has developed a database of periodical titles,
prices, etc. in DBase.  We use the Ebsco diskettes to load our January start
invoice into DBase.  Keying in the information manually used to take us weeks.
With the disc it can be done is several hours.  A second benefit is that we
have a more accurate picture of our serials budget much sooner in the year.
It has really been a timesaver for us!

Lisa Macklin
Serials Records Librarian
University of North Texas

Date:         Fri, 11 Sep 1992 09:17:47 -0700
From:         Karen Darling <KDARLING@OREGON.BITNET>
Subject:      Re: EBSCO invoice diskettes

The University of Oregon has been using the invoice diskettes provided
by EBSCO for about a year, since we merged our InnoVac with our InnoPac.
Prior to that we used tape invoices for about five years.  We use Softerm
which was provided by Innovative.  Please feel free to contact me directly,
if you have additional questions.

Karen Darling
Head, Serials Dept.
Knight Library
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97405
503 346-3063