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Questionnaire ACCNEWS@HOFSTRA.BITNET 15 Sep 1992 22:02 UTC

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From: libsrlzm@hofstra.bitnet
Subject: Questionnaire

There is evidence today of a trend among periodical publishers to
include non-print supplementary materials with some issues, usually
to illustrate or complement a particular article or subject.
Access to these mixed-media periodicals is made more difficult by
several factors, including the physical separation of print and
non-print materials in most libraries and the difficulty of
providing sufficient bibliographic control.  This survey is
intended as a preliminary step towards a discussion of this

If you would like to assist us with this research, make a printout
of this survey, fill it out, and mail it to: Linda Meiseles
(Serials Librarian) or Emerita Cuesta (Head of Acess Services),
Hofstra University, Axinn Library, 1000 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead,
New York, 11550 by NOVEMBER 1, 1992.


1.  Type of institution:
    1. Community college_____
    2. College_____
    3. University_____
    4. Special Library______
    5. Other______

2.  Number of active periodical subscriptions:_________________

3.  Periodicals budget:_____________________


1. How is your serials/periodicals collection organized? (check all
that apply).
   a. Call number_______
   b. Subject______
   c. Alphabetically by title_______
   d. Size_______
   e. Other_______

2. How is your collection housed? (check all that apply).
   a. Open stacks________
   b. Closed stacks________
   c. Current and bound periodicals housed together_______
   d. Separate current periodicals reading room______
   e. Bound periodicals shelved with monographs______
   f. Microform periodicals shelved with hard copy______
   g. Microform periodicals in microform reading room______
   h. Other_______

3. What is your periodicals circulation policy?
   a. Does not circulate______
   b. Circulates only to faculty______
   c. Circulates only to faculty and graduate students______
   d. Circulates only to members of campus community______
   e. Other______

4. Has your library received any kind of mixed-media periodicals?
(check all that apply)
   a. Videotape______
   b. Audiocassette______
   c. Diskettes______
   d. Microfilm_______
   e. None______
   f. Other______

5. What subject areas are most affected?
   a. Fine Arts______
   b. Humanities______
   c. Social Sciences______
   d. Sciences______
   e. Computer Science______
   f. Education______
   g. Business______
   h. Other_____

6. Do you create a separate bibliographic record for non-print
supplementary materials?

7. How is this supplementary material brought to the attention of
the patron?

8. Where is the supplementary material housed?
   a. With periodical issue______
   b. In Non-print format collection within periodicals area______
   c. In non-print format collection within the library______
   d. In non-print format collection within the campus, excluding
      the library_______
   e. Other______

   Please elaborate on factors that have influenced your decisions
concerning this material. If you wish, also include comments on how
the material SHOULD be handled, if there were no financial or space


If you have any questions e-mail to LIBSRLZM@HOFSTRA