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Re: SC-10 SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 18 Sep 1992 19:31 UTC

In response to Josie Williamson's query about migrating from SC-10 to NOTIS 5.1.
   We are still planning that route, but it is not altogether clear whether or
not we will be able to do so, given the time constraints.  We need a pattern
data base in place before we can use NOTIS, and were originally counting on
someone like Faxon making that available.  According to the latest information
I have from Mike Markwith at Faxon, that data base will be ready for the Faxon
clients who migrate from SC-10 to Faxon Manager.  And Faxon has plans to market
that product to others.  But it may not be available before they pull the final
plug on SC-10.  Even if Faxon comes through in time, it will still require a
loader program from NOTIS, and I do not yet have any information about whether
or not they are actually working on it.  If anyone else can clarify that, I
would be interested in hearing about it.  If the timing falls apart completely,
we are reserving the option of migrating to Faxon Manager as a temporary
bridge system.  Anyone else have similar plans?

Steve Murden
Virginia Commonwealth University