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Pulling serials for binding JEDELEN@CHARLIE.USD.EDU 22 Sep 1992 15:50 UTC

I would like to thank those of you who responded to my questions of several
months ago about pulling items for binding and would like to pose new/old
questions again with maybe a different twist.

We are concerned about (1) developing a system that allows us to pull
materials easily and without making notes, etc. when we check in issues, and
(2) with keeping materials off the shelf the shortest time possible.

Has anyone produced a list from whatever source that has titles and
frequency/volume binding information for each title and then using that
list to pull?  Also, has anyone experimented with only pulling items say
one week before the binding shipment leaves the building so that materials
are not off the shelves any longer than they need be?

Finally, in an attempt to try to even out bindery shipments, has anyone
considered dividing the number of periodical volumes bound by the number
of shipments sent, and say adding 10-15%, and making that the arbitrary
maximum size of any single shipment?

Your comments will be most welcome.

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