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Swedish Language Periodicals Birdie MacLennan 25 Sep 1992 00:05 UTC

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Date:         Thu, 24 Sep 1992 10:04:00 EST
From:         "Bill Miller, Libraries/Learning Resources"
Subject:      Re: Swedish Language Periodical

    I doubt that you could subscribe for $100 per year, but there are
    two newspapers of general interest, Svenska Dagbladet (more of a
    business orientation), and Dagens Nyheter (more general interest).
    Time and Newsweek are published in Sweden but not in the Swedish

    Please note:  I am no expert on Sweden;  this information is
    courtesy of my secretary, who was raised in Sweden but has not
    lived there for some years now.

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Date:         Wed, 23 Sep 1992 18:09:45 -0500
From:         Rolfe Gjellstad <>
Subject:      Swedish Language Periodical

Perhaps your Swedish students could suggest a few titles.

   REPLY FROM: Rolfe Gjellstad