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Subdivision "Periodicals" in 610s Kay Teel 30 Sep 1992 01:24 UTC

1.) Appendix J of the CONSER Editing Guide has guidelines for using
the subdivision "Periodicals." It seems to say that if a corporate
body issues a periodical and the periodical is about that same body,
DO NOT use the subdivision "Periodicals" after the corporate body's
subject heading. Is this a correct interpretation?

2.) If the above is a correct interpretation, how is the following
situation handled:

    A periodical issued by a trade union that includes information
about that trade union AND about a related trade union. Besides the
topical subject heading (with "$xPeriodicals"), I have two 610s, one
for the issuing body and one for the related trade union. Do
either (or neither) get the subdivision "Periodicals?"

3.) My Appendix J of the CONSER Editing Guide is dated Dec. 1988. Is
there a more recent update?

Please reply directly to me, unless you feel there is sufficient
interest on the list.

Thank you!

--Kay Teel             
  Serials Cataloger
  New York University