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MHLD format in NOTIS HBLADM50@UCONNVM.BITNET 04 Dec 1992 16:54 UTC

We have completed our retrospective database load, using LBC30 5.0, with all
volume holdings loaded to MHLD and are now doing extensive set/serial holdings
cleanup.  Our OCLC records had some item holdings but these were not complete
nor extensive.

Each 866 was created with a semicolon separating data entered in different OCLC
subfields.  E.G.     866/1: 0: |6 0 |a v. 1-50; 1941-1990
                     866/1: 0: |6 0 |a 2nd ser.; v. 1-830

We want to give a summary holdings statement following the ANSI standard and
therefore remove the semicolon since under ANSI the semicolon indicates "a
nongap break when an item is not published."

Have other libraries removed the semicolon created by LBC30?
Does anyone know if this will have an adverse effect on any future conversion.

Any insights will be helpful and appreciated in finalizing this decision.
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