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Subscription lists to academic departments Janet Anuta Dalquist (x2899) 04 Dec 1992 16:57 UTC

To respond to Rachel Cassel's question:

Michigan Technological University has had such lists since 1987.  They
resulted from a large cut during that year.  We arbitrarily went through
our subscription list (about 3000 titles) and assigned one or more depts.
to a title.  A 2-letter dept.designation was used.  Cost was divided between
or among the depts.  Packages were divided first by the number of titles &
then pro-rated evenly among depts. with shared titles.  Our first list was
done on floppies without a data-management software.  After we had filled
9 floppies we sought counsel from our Computer Services folk.  They wrote a
program for us using Standard Query Language and the file was mounted on the
University Mainframe.  It is somewhat awkward to use, but has served us well
to date.  dBase IV, Paradox 4 or any of the database management packages should
be able to handle our program.  We plan to transport it over during this year
as our IBM mainframe is biting the dust.  Microfilm costs are borne by the
Library.  I've passed the idea of one title only to one dept. and our folk
have not responded well to that.  It would make Collection Management much
easier.  I like your idea also of one dept. claiming an entire pkg.  What
our folk worry about most is a cut being done by the claiming dept. to a title
needed by another.  We have also designated core titles: undergrad, research,
pedagogical, for each title.  The Dept. liaison gets copies updated of their
lists 2 or 3 times a year.  It's a good review tool, they know how the library
is supporting them, and we've had very good response from its use.