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Rule 21.1B4 Mitch Turitz 09 Dec 1992 17:16 UTC

Addressed to Lee Leighton, Chair of the Task Force on Rule 21.1B4.
Cross-posted to AUTOCAT and SERIALST.  -- ed.

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Lee, I am responding to you by email because it is quicker and I have
posted the question of Rule 21.1B4 on several lists to get as wide a
response as possible.

So far these are my reactions:

1.) In looking up example number 1 on your October 30 letter, I found
both the 1985 and 1990 edition cataloged with the main entry under
title, so I don't think that is a good example.  The same for example
number 3.

2.)  I checked the book SERIAL CATALOGING HANDBOOK by Carol Leong for an
example of the conditions we are discussing.  On p.147 she discusses the
problem "work entered under a subordinate name heading and the
subordinate name changes (21.1B4 (CSB no. 15, p.9))"

The record she gives as an example is OCLC#7635579

Oklahoma.  Dept. of Human Services.
  Annual report / Oklahoma Department of Human Services. -- Fiscal year
'80-  . --[Oklahoma City] : The Dept., [1980-
       v. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Title from cover.
Report year ends June 30.
Continues: Oklahoma. Dept. of Institutions, Social and Rehabilitative
Services.  Annual report 0270-6008 (OCoLC)3301518
Has supplement: Statistical report (Oklahoma. Dept. of Human
Services)0891-883X (DLC)85643090 (OCoLC)10502648


   If a work falling into one of the categories in rule 21.1B2 involves
a parent body and its subordinate body, that work should be entered
under the heading for subordinate body only if that body is named
prominently in the chief source of information.  If only the parent body
appears in the chief source, even though the name of the subordinate
body may appear in locations other than the chief source, the work
should still be entered under the heading for the parent body (21.1B4).
In such a case the subordinate body should be described in a note
(1.7B6) and an added entry made for the subordinate body (21.29F).
   If an item is entered under the name of a subordinate body and that
body changes its name, a separate record should be created, even though
the title proper remains the same (21.3B).  Thus, in this example, when
"Dept. of Institutions, Social and Rehabilitative Services" changed to
"Dept. of Human Services," a separate record had to be created under the
heading for the new name, even though the title proper remained "Annual
report" (24.1B).

I am posting this to AUTOCAT and SERIALST in order to solicit other
opinions from serials catalogers (and others) who wish to comment.  I
will forward any comments to Lee Leighton, Chair of the Task Force on
Rule 21.1B4.  (The discussion is in regards to the deletion of rule

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