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PC-based software for serials functions Serials Industry Systems Advisory Comm. 21 Dec 1992 02:01 UTC

This is in response to Rich Edward's request about pc-based
software for serials-related functions.

Since SISAC is currently developing the standards that will be used
for the exchange of invoicing and claiming (as well as ordering and
canceling orders) for serials, I hope that you'll ask if any system
you are considering has communications capabilities.  In addition,
it should certainly be able to scan serials for check-in, including
the ability to scan the SISAC Bar Code Symbol and the Universal
Product Code (UPC) found on mass circulation magazines.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate contacting me at:

Sandy Paul, SISAC, 160 Fifth Ave., NY, NY  10010,

555.2838@MCIMAIL.COM. phone 212/929-1393, fax 212/989-7542.