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Bibliographic Description of Reproductions U19466@UICVM.BITNET 21 Dec 1992 16:55 UTC

The following announcement has been distributed in the ALCTS Network
News and has been cross posted on Autocat and Serialst.  Apologies for
the duplication that may result.


   _Guidelines for Bibliographic Description of Reproductions_ have been
drafted by a Task Force of the ALCTS/CCS Committee on Cataloging:
Description and Access (CC:DA) to meet the urgent need for direction in
the cataloging of reproductions.  Before proposing permanent revisions to
the cataloging rules in _Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules_ (2nd edition,
revised), the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access believes
that it is important that the cataloging and library automation
communities have an opportunity to review, and comment on, the proposed
_Guidelines_ as drafted.

     The "Guidelines..." portion of the document provides specific
instructions about how to eliminate the need to repeat the description of
the original in the description of the reproduction.  The concept of
"reproduction" is defined, and guidance is given so that catalogers will
be able to determine which types of materials should receive this type of
cataloging.  The "Guidelines ..." document also provides a broad range of
examples of reproduction cataloging.

     The "Implications..." portion of the document outlines how the
concept of "reproduction" relates to the automated library catalog.
Conceptual models are presented, and additional background material is
provided so that systems analysts may begin a discussion of communications
issues within the context of user needs. It is hoped that feedback from
both the cataloging and library automation communities will result in
documents which fairly address the concerns of both groups.

     Catalogers are encouraged to review the _Guidelines_ in light of
specific cataloging situations they themselves face and submit comments to

     The _Guidelines_ are not an official revision of AACR2r.  If the
_Guidelines_ are found to be workable in library situations, CC:DA will
work through the American Library Association representative to the Joint
Steering Committee for the Revision of AACR (JSC) in order to propose
formal rules changes.  Such rules changes will become official when
published by the copyright holders of AACR, the Library Association, the
American Library Association, and the Canadian Library Association.

     To receive a single copy of _Guidelines for Bibliographic Description
of Reproductions_ send a self-addressed envelope with $.98 postage to:
ALCTS Multiple Versions, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611.