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Summary: Full-text journals on CD-ROM Rhonda J. Marker 21 Dec 1992 18:26 UTC

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Three weeks ago I asked how other libraries decide which full-text
journals on CD-ROMs they catalog, and what criteria they use to make
that decision.  I received 8 replies, including replies form four
libraries that currently catalog full-text journals on CD-ROMs.  1
correspondent replied that it is the public service unit's decision to
catalog full text journals received on CD-ROM; 1 said it would be the
selector/bibliographer.  Four correspondents implied that the decision
was made/would be made to catalog all such titles.  No one told me not
to catalog them!

There were several recommendations for how to catalog these titles.
Three solutions were suggested at a recent ACRL,NEC,Cataloging Problems
workshop:  1) Make a minimal record using your local system for each
title.  The Location would be the CD-ROM reader in Reference;  2) Make
an added entry for each title on a "parent record;"  3) List each title
in a contents note on a "parent record."  Another savvy respondent
suggested asking the vendor to also provide cataloging copy in machine
form as part of the basic package for the CD-ROM.

One library has cataloged the CD-ROM "edition" of Business periodicals
ondisc (BPO) and General periodicals ondisc (GPO) on their paper copy
record, while another library has separately cataloged the approximately
400 BPO titles.  Another library that does not catalog their journals
has added the full-text journals from the ProQuest workstations to their
periodicals holdings list.

There are a few problems.  The coverage of full-text titles on some
services varies (e.g., coverage on Computer Select varies monthly).  And
is cataloging a title on a CD-ROM different from cataloging a journal we
access through the Internet or online services?

Thanks to all who responded.  It's nice to know that there are some
brave souls out there who are not only talking about this, but are doing

Rhonda Marker
Technical & Automated Services
Rutgers University Libraries
Bitnet:  marker@zodiac